Condo developer puts land up for sale

A developer who bought up seven Cambie Corridor properties with plans to redevelop the site as a low-rise development appears to has put the land up for sale.

Buffalo Properties Inc had planned to develop apartments along the 500 block of 65th and 64th avenue, which fall under Cambie Corridor Phase 31.

Every property is priced at $6,828,000.

One of the properties gained notoriety recently when some tenants of one house alleged that their accommodation was home to as many as 21 people2.

Buffalo Properties bought that property for $5.85 million in 2017, according to Land Title and Survey Authority record.

BC Registry records an individual by the name of Changxia Lv as the sole director of Buffalo Properties.

Buffalo Investments Canada Ltd. donated $20,000 to the BC Liberal leadership campaign of Diane Watts3.

AddressSellerAssessedTrue List PriceTrue List DateTrue DOMYear BuildCurrent Price
511 65TH AVE W VANCOUVERBUFFALO PROPERTIES INC$6,736,000$6,828,00002-May-201961990$6,828,000
533 65TH AVE W VANCOUVERBUFFALO PROPERTIES INC$5,901,800$6,828,00001-May-201971963$6,828,000
512 64TH AVE W VANCOUVERBUFFALO PROPERTIES INC$6,720,000$6,828,00001-May-201972002$6,828,000
522 64TH AVE W VANCOUVERBUFFALO PROPERTIES INC$5,563,000$6,828,00001-May-201971969$6,828,000
529 65TH AVE W VANCOUVERBUFFALO PROPERTIES INC$3,653,400$6,828,00001-May-201971956$6,828,000
519 65TH AVE W VANCOUVERBUFFALO PROPERTIES INC$3,832,000$6,828,00002-May-201961990$6,828,000
518 64TH AVE W VANCOUVERBUFFALO PROPERTIES INC$5,510,000$6,828,00001-May-201971970$6,828,000

Clarification: An earlier version of this article reported that Buffalo Properties Inc seems to have shelved the plans to build the lowrise development by listing the properties for sale.

But Buffalo Properties Inc’s lawyer H. C. Ritchie Clark, Q.C. of Bridgehouse Law LLP wrote to us to inform that his client is in discussions with the lenders and the City of Vancouver to proceed with the project.

We apologize to Buffalo Properties Inc.


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