Abandoned Vancouver house gutted in fire linked to immigration consultant allegedly defrauding foreign workers

The abandoned Vancouver house gutted by a fire just after midnight on Sunday appears to be linked to an immigration consultant facing a class action suit for allegedly defrauding temporary foreign workers.

The heritage house at 74 W 12th Avenue is currently on sale with the owner listed as 0928129 BC LTD.

According to the BC corporate registry, the current director of 0928129 BC LTD is named as Ashok Kumar Bansal and the registered office is at Unit 204, 12830, 80 Avenue Surrey.  An individual by the name of Kuldeep Bansal acted as a director of 0928129 BC LTD until July 3, 2013.

Another company registered at Unit 204, 12830, 80 Avenue Surrey is Overseas Immigration Services Inc, the company being sued by a group of temporary foreign workers who allege they paid their live services to come to Canada to work at Mac’s convenience stores only to find that the promised jobs didn’t exist1.

The president and the CEO of Overseas Immigration Services Inc is listed as a Kuldeep Kumar Bansal of Unit 204, 12830, 80 Avenue Surrey in the legal action.

None of the allegations against Overseas Immigration Services Inc has been proven in court and the case ongoing.

Photo Credit: Heritage Vancouver Society/Facebook

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