Realtor rankings: Foreign buyer exodus hits realtors hard

The rankings for Vancouver’s realtors by volume show that the foreign buyer exodus has hit realtors hard.

Royal Pacific Realty Corp realtor Winnie Chung sold $172 million worth of properties between January and July 2016, which marked the last seven months before British Columbia slapped a 15% foreign buyer tax.

Chung has barely managed $30 million during the same period this year – an 84% drop, and seen her rank drop from the top spot in 2016, to 30th place in 2019.

Top realtors by volume 2019 (up to July 31)

RankNameBrokerageNum of SalesVolumeAverage
1Victor Kwan PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties11$49,773,334$4,524,849
2Faith WilsonFaith Wilson Group27$49,750,888$1,842,625
3Elaine Wu PREC*LeHomes Realty Premier39$49,193,572$1,261,374
4Leo RonseRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft38$48,975,419$1,288,827
5Paul Eviston PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties26$48,261,090$1,856,196
6Wendy LeiPolygon Realty Limited42$47,809,600$1,138,324
7Derek GrechAngell Hasman & Assoc.Rlty.Ltd21$47,686,800$2,270,800
8Tracy Niu PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.43$46,463,796$1,080,553
9Tom GradecakWESTSIDE Tom Gradecak Realty19$46,336,000$2,438,737
10Mike Marfori - PRECSutton Premier Realty56$42,365,200$756,521
11Fraser Elliott PREC*RE/MAX Progroup Realty51$41,767,100$818,963
12Peter Saito PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty11$40,125,000$3,647,727
13Jonathan Yu PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty13$39,463,000$3,035,615
14Haneef Virani PREC*Virani Real Estate Advisors16$39,310,785$2,456,924
15Doris GeeRE/MAX Central32$38,183,333$1,193,229
16Andrea Kavanagh PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties18$37,328,000$2,073,778
17Ken Cui PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.36$37,118,100$1,031,058
18Monique BadunSotheby's Int'l Realty Canada14$36,561,905$2,611,565
19Maggie Zhu PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.35$36,275,452$1,036,441
20Shafik Ladha PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast49$35,167,399$717,702
21Ruth Chuang PREC*Stilhavn Real Estate Services29$35,103,050$1,210,450
22Mike Rampf PREC*Engel & Volkers Vancouver26$34,652,490$1,332,788
23Michelle Yu PREC*RE/MAX Real Estate Services20$34,315,394$1,715,770
24Kathy Xu PREC*Maxcel Westcoast Realty Ltd.13$34,188,952$2,629,919
25Eric ChristiansenAngell Hasman (E.Christiansen)14$34,087,000$2,434,786
26Emily Oh - PRECSutton Premier Realty38$31,720,542$834,751
27Dave Vallee PREC*RE/MAX All Points Realty39$31,560,890$809,254
28Melissa Wu PREC*Maxcel Westcoast Realty Ltd.14$30,474,667$2,176,762
29Danny Chow PREC*Rennie & Associates Realty Ltd.25$30,438,000$1,217,520
30Winnie Chung PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.12$29,932,786$2,494,399
31Matt Kerr PREC*Stilhavn Real Estate Services27$28,829,000$1,067,741
32Patti Martin PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast25$27,472,300$1,098,892
33Danny Gerbrandt PREC*Royal LePage-Brookside Realty40$27,286,800$682,170
34Dave Robles - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty38$27,132,800$714,021
35Patrick Weeks PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties20$26,754,000$1,337,700
36Katrina Amurao - PRECRE/MAX 2000 Realty44$26,693,100$606,661
37Sarina Han PREC*Luxmore Realty6$26,502,142$4,417,024
38Layla Yang PREC*Dracco Pacific Realty12$26,439,000$2,203,250
39Gary Geng PREC*LeHomes Realty10$26,390,000$2,639,000
40Edith Chan PREC*RE/MAX Masters Realty7$25,944,333$3,706,333
41Amir Hamzehali PREC*Royal LePage Sussex6$25,477,190$4,246,198
42Clair Rockel PREC*Macdonald Realty14$24,173,500$1,726,679
43Ellen Guan PREC*Luxmore Realty9$23,789,800$2,643,311
44Tracey Bosch - PRECRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft23$23,540,400$1,023,496
45Sukh Brar - PRECRoyal LePage Global Force Realty26$23,423,971$900,922
46Lance Phillips PREC*Royal LePage Sussex16$23,381,000$1,461,313
47Ron Antalek PREC*RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty32$23,004,109$718,878
48Austin KayRE/MAX Austin Kay Realty23$22,825,299$992,404
49Sydney Deng PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.6$22,800,000$3,800,000
50Geoff Jarman PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty17$22,209,240$1,306,426
51Stu Bell PREC*Royal LePage Sussex12$22,176,152$1,848,013
52Jason SoprovichRoyal LePage Sussex - Jason Soprovich7$22,159,000$3,165,571
53Pete Shpak PREC*Oakwyn Realty Ltd.25$21,571,000$862,840
54Juliette(YongHong) Zhang PREC*Macdonald Realty Westmar10$21,500,429$2,150,043
55Lena Xu - PRECRE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty11$21,065,471$1,915,043
56Yvonne Lu PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.11$20,842,000$1,894,727
57Morning Yu PREC*LeHomes Realty First24$20,816,499$867,354
58Terry Eng PREC*RE/MAX City Realty15$20,665,300$1,377,687
59Gary Hooge - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty20$20,550,785$1,027,539
60Mayur AroraOneflatfee.ca30$20,501,100$683,370
61Malcolm HasmanAngell Hasman (Malcolm Hasman)7$19,818,000$2,831,143
62Aileen Noguer PREC*RE/MAX Progroup Realty22$19,718,507$896,296
63Sam McCall PREC*RE/MAX Masters Realty9$19,401,000$2,155,667
64Ritchie Zhao PREC*Royal First Realty16$19,311,800$1,206,988
65Sean Stevens PREC*Macdonald Realty14$19,289,800$1,377,843
66Vijay Virk - PRECMacdonald Realty (Delta)12$19,181,000$1,598,417
67Amir Miri PREC*Royal Pacific Lions Gate Realty Ltd.10$19,181,000$1,918,100
68Tony RossettiRE/MAX Rossetti Realty19$19,177,999$1,009,368
69Lorne Goldman PREC*Macdonald Realty15$19,099,350$1,273,290
70Goldy Kang - PRECSutton Group-West Coast Realty (Surrey/120)23$18,978,300$825,143
71Lionel LorenceRE/MAX Lionel Lorence9$18,515,000$2,057,222
72Wayne DickRE/MAX All Points Realty23$18,270,200$794,357
73Scott Moe - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty25$18,186,700$727,468
74Jeff BennaRE/MAX Real Estate Services12$17,810,500$1,484,208
75Paul Tan PREC*Royal Pacific Lions Gate Realty Ltd.6$17,531,190$2,921,865
76Denny Dumas PREC*Keller Williams Elite Realty30$17,312,880$577,096
77Don EilersRE/MAX Masters Realty9$17,176,000$1,908,444
78Karley Rice PREC*Macdonald Realty10$17,125,000$1,712,500
79Sean Lawson PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast13$17,100,200$1,315,400
80Patrick O'Donnell PREC*Royal LePage Sussex10$17,096,500$1,709,650
81Jon Pezzente PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty11$17,071,595$1,551,963
82Michael Xu PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty4$16,960,000$4,240,000
83Sameer Kaushal - PRECCentury 21 Coastal Realty Ltd.19$16,925,618$890,822
84Tony Zandbergen - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty22$16,922,600$769,209
85Eric Xiao PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty15$16,769,800$1,117,987
86Jim Williamson PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty9$16,659,936$1,851,104
87Ty Corsie - PRECValley Pacific Realty Ltd.23$16,585,299$721,100
88David Matiru PREC*VPG Realty Inc.9$16,582,382$1,842,487
89Scott Walker PREC*Sutton Group Seafair Realty21$16,523,500$786,833
90Keith Roy PREC*RE/MAX Select Realty17$16,503,500$970,794
91Elaine Andrews PREC*Royal LePage Sussex13$16,500,900$1,269,300
92Gregg Baker PREC*Engel & Volkers Vancouver6$16,363,000$2,727,167
93Vince Chan PREC*RE/MAX Central16$16,308,220$1,019,264
94Ben Chimes PREC*Stilhavn Real Estate Services13$16,306,400$1,254,338
95Judy Dou PREC*Luxmore Realty5$16,225,168$3,245,034
96Evan Ho PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty9$15,919,000$1,768,778
97Randy Mann - PRECRE/MAX Performance Realty20$15,897,600$794,880
98Cindy Gering PREC*RE/MAX All Points Realty27$15,834,000$586,444
99Carole Lieberman PREC*Dexter Realty12$15,818,500$1,318,208
100Kit MatkalukOakwyn Realty Ltd.17$15,795,000$929,118
101Rimpy Hothi PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty17$15,712,000$924,235
102Jeremy McCarthy PREC*Royal LePage-Brookside Realty22$15,684,404$712,927
103Iris LingPolygon Realty Limited20$15,556,000$777,800
104Kelsie Struch PREC*VPG Realty Inc.16$15,480,500$967,531
105Marty PospischilPospischil Realty Group18$15,329,000$851,611
106Leah Bach - PRECRE/MAX Performance Realty18$15,220,000$845,556
107Nazanin Behroyan PREC*Behroyan & Associates Real Estate Services6$15,193,452$2,532,242
108Janet Rathbun - PRECRE/MAX Performance Realty18$15,164,000$842,444
109Jenny Matches - PRECRE/MAX Performance Realty17$15,137,500$890,441
110Michael Uy PREC*Oakwyn Realty Ltd.22$14,998,000$681,727
111Iain EdmondsRoyal LePage Sussex - Iain Edmonds14$14,938,500$1,067,036
112Mabel Ko PREC*RE/MAX City Realty16$14,926,435$932,902
113Jila Rezai PREC*Royal LePage Sussex2$14,800,000$7,400,000
114Tracie McTavish PREC*Rennie Marketing Systems16$14,795,500$924,719
115Henrietta Tan PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty5$14,785,000$2,957,000
116Crystal Hung PREC*Icon Marketing Inc.8$14,668,143$1,833,518
117Mary CleaverRE/MAX Select Realty16$14,619,000$913,688
118Jim Chen PREC*YVR International Realty6$14,593,500$2,432,250
119Will McKitkaSotheby's Int'l Realty Canada7$14,517,500$2,073,929
120Dominic Shu PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty10$14,361,238$1,436,124
121Anthony Riglietti PREC*Pacesetter Marketing Ltd.15$14,342,000$956,133
122Ryan LalondeMLA Canada Realty18$14,340,200$796,678
123Thomas McConnell - PRECRE/MAX 2000 Realty19$14,324,367$753,914
124Sophia GeeRE/MAX Central20$14,303,700$715,185
125Rob Zwick PREC*Stilhavn Real Estate Services9$14,252,667$1,583,630
126Steve Baker PREC*Sutton Group Seafair Realty18$14,224,000$790,222
127Rob MontgomerieStilhavn Real Estate Services8$14,087,762$1,760,970
128Judy RohatynPolygon Realty Limited29$13,947,100$480,934
129Anne PicheSutton Group Seafair Realty13$13,854,009$1,065,693
130Jonathan Lu PREC*Keller Williams Realty VanCentral9$13,835,412$1,537,268
131Frank Peng PREC*Dracco Pacific Realty8$13,778,000$1,722,250
132Marjan Mazaheri PREC*Coldwell Banker Prestige Realty6$13,675,000$2,279,167
133Franco Diligenti PREC*Macdonald Realty6$13,645,000$2,274,167
134Danny EvansRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft13$13,526,500$1,040,500
135Kim Phillips - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty21$13,380,000$637,143
136Benson Lee PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.22$13,345,687$606,622
137Jamie Ruscheinski - PRECRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft20$13,339,150$666,958
138Ron Basra PREC*RE/MAX Select Realty8$13,222,904$1,652,863
139Alistair Young - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty16$13,197,500$824,844
140Thyra McKilliganRE/MAX Masters Realty9$13,147,000$1,460,778
141Dawne Edwards - PRECFrontline Real Estate Services Ltd.20$13,140,000$657,000
142Crystal Wang PREC*Sutton Group - 1st West Realty5$13,130,380$2,626,076
143Steve Klassen - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty16$13,103,900$818,994
144Gino Muoio PREC*Bel-Air Realty Group Ltd.9$13,012,000$1,445,778
145Adil Dinani PREC*Royal LePage West R.E.S.14$12,897,000$921,214
146Douglas MittenPerformance Power Play Realty15$12,895,300$859,687
147David RichardsonMacdonald Realty8$12,870,000$1,608,750
148Sheila O'Brien PREC*RE/MAX Select Realty11$12,830,000$1,166,364
149Karen Zhao PREC*Royal Pacific Riverside Realty Ltd.11$12,821,243$1,165,568
150Judy Killeen PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty10$12,816,300$1,281,630
151Jag Sidhu - PRECRE/MAX Little Oak Realty (Surrey)13$12,782,000$983,231
152Peter Raab PREC*Engel & Volkers Vancouver12$12,777,000$1,064,750
153Michelle Carlsen - PRECMacdonald Realty (Langley)13$12,776,500$982,808
154Michelle Comens PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty10$12,739,619$1,273,962
155Paige KraftDexter Realty5$12,703,750$2,540,750
156Tracy Hu PREC*LeHomes Realty11$12,680,980$1,152,816
157Tom Edwards - PRECRE/MAX Performance Realty16$12,639,800$789,988
158Stephen Mitchell PREC*Sotheby's Int'l Realty Canada7$12,620,000$1,802,857
159Jodi Steeves - PRECRE/MAX Aldercenter Realty20$12,594,300$629,715
160Stuart BonnerRE/MAX - Stuart Bonner7$12,553,000$1,793,286
161Tammy Jin PREC*Keller Williams Realty VanCentral11$12,418,800$1,128,982
162Ryan SidhuBay Realty14$12,387,500$884,821
163Scott Regamble PREC*Engel & Volkers Vancouver8$12,333,000$1,541,625
164Jeff Donohoe PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty12$12,276,000$1,023,000
165Glenn Dennis PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties8$12,088,123$1,511,015
166Kelly Gardiner PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty9$12,034,214$1,337,135
167Dean Hooseman - PRECRE/MAX Lifestyles Realty (Langley)13$12,019,100$924,546
168Iman Moghadam PREC*RE/MAX Masters Realty13$11,843,500$911,038
169Edith KatronisHomelife Benchmark Realty Corp. (Branch)13$11,805,607$908,124
170Carolyn BlumRE/MAX Central11$11,798,200$1,072,564
171Dennis Wang PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.16$11,785,500$736,594
172Josh Bath PREC*Keller Williams Elite Realty13$11,772,050$905,542
173Christopher Boyd PREC*Rennie & Associates Realty Ltd.6$11,761,000$1,960,167
174Jinder Jhajj - PRECSutton Group-West Coast Realty (Surrey/120)11$11,704,777$1,064,071
175Andrew HasmanRE/MAX Andrew Hasman10$11,650,500$1,165,050
176Ken Leong PREC*Oakwyn Realty Downtown Ltd.9$11,573,523$1,285,947
177Carmen IpWesgroup Realty Ltd.15$11,564,000$770,933
178Keenan Neilly PREC*Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.13$11,555,000$888,846
179Clayton LindbergRE/MAX Aldercenter Realty14$11,550,500$825,036
180Edward Yan PREC*Luxmore Realty2$11,480,000$5,740,000
181Robin Fu PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty5$11,441,000$2,288,200
182Jasmine Botto PREC*Royal LePage Sussex9$11,426,000$1,269,556
183Will RempelRE/MAX Treeland Realty10$11,400,300$1,140,030
184Gregory AxfordRoyal LePage Sterling Realty16$11,378,500$711,156
185Manyee LuiMacdonald Realty - Manyee Lui5$11,314,000$2,262,800
186Gurdial S.(Dale) BadhRE/MAX Real Estate Services10$11,261,500$1,126,150
187Caroline Hong PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty6$11,147,200$1,857,867
188Jonathan Katronis - PRECHomelife Benchmark Realty Corp. (Branch)14$11,128,400$794,886
189Brent RobertsRoyal LePage Brent Roberts Realty20$11,089,260$554,463
190Julie Ramirez PREC*Keller Williams Elite Realty17$11,075,800$651,518
191Ryan Wong PREC*Rennie & Associates Realty Ltd.11$11,013,000$1,001,182
192Robert Alexander PREC*Team 3000 Realty Ltd.5$11,005,000$2,201,000
193Eleanor Wrigley - PRECRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft10$10,985,047$1,098,505
194Gary Serra PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty13$10,977,000$844,385
195Richard Lowe PREC*RE/MAX Progroup Realty13$10,963,400$843,338
196Lynda Terborg PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast10$10,959,000$1,095,900
197Jason Jennings PREC*Sotheby's Int'l Realty Canada4$10,880,000$2,720,000
198Carsten Love PREC*Coldwell Banker Love Realty4$10,878,888$2,719,722
199John Tsai PREC*eXp Realty16$10,872,600$679,538
200Margaret Wong PREC*Dexter Realty8$10,857,900$1,357,238

Chung reportedly employed eight full-time assistants at one time and travelled to China twice a year to meet potential clients1.

Top realtors from 2016 such as Edith Chan, Jason Soprovich and Layla Yang, have all seen both their rankings and sales volumes drop drastically.

The only survivor from 2016’s top 10 is Victor Kwan, who has emerged as the most successful realtor in 2019, with just under $50 million in sales – a 60% drop from 2016, with Faith Wilson of Faith Wilson at a very close second place.

Top realtors by volume 2016 (up to July 31)

RankNameBrokerageNum of SalesVolumeAverage
1Winnie Chung PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.43$172,686,600$4,015,967
2Edith Chan PREC*RE/MAX Masters Realty47$157,914,347$3,359,880
3Jason SoprovichRoyal LePage Sussex - Jason Soprovich31$147,531,900$4,759,094
4Layla Yang PREC*Dracco Pacific Realty47$134,829,045$2,868,703
5Eric ChristiansenAngell Hasman (E.Christiansen)35$132,238,688$3,778,248
6Fraser Elliott PREC*RE/MAX Progroup Realty122$126,243,189$1,034,780
7Victor Kwan PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties27$123,486,888$4,573,588
8Ken Cui PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.79$122,106,100$1,545,647
9Malcolm HasmanAngell Hasman (Malcolm Hasman)24$121,159,000$5,048,292
10Manyee LuiMacdonald Realty - Manyee Lui24$118,670,388$4,944,600
11Tom GradecakWESTSIDE Tom Gradecak Realty28$116,058,000$4,144,929
12Sandra Li PREC*LeHomes Realty72$112,843,909$1,567,277
13Faith WilsonFaith Wilson Group57$112,040,459$1,965,622
14Paul Zhang PREC*RA Realty Alliance Inc.30$98,301,647$3,276,722
15Leo RonseRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft91$94,210,551$1,035,281
16Ron Antalek PREC*RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty149$91,229,988$612,282
17Ryan MacDonaldMomentum Realty Inc.65$90,903,854$1,398,521
18Emily Oh - PRECSutton Premier Realty106$90,518,400$853,947
19Sarina Han PREC*Luxmore Realty20$88,488,001$4,424,400
20Monique BadunSotheby's Int'l Realty Canada24$88,066,000$3,669,417
21Shafik Ladha PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast87$87,559,550$1,006,432
22Brock Smeaton PREC*Royal LePage Sussex18$85,756,000$4,764,222
23Ruth Chuang PREC*Stilhavn Real Estate Services59$84,276,638$1,428,418
24Kathy Xu PREC*Maxcel Westcoast Realty Ltd.29$84,143,288$2,901,493
25Andrea Kavanagh PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties31$82,483,000$2,660,742
26Tracy Niu PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.60$82,143,938$1,369,066
27Amir Hamzehali PREC*Royal LePage Sussex22$81,786,228$3,717,556
28Tracey Bosch - PRECRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft72$78,032,016$1,083,778
29Edith KatronisHomelife Benchmark Realty Corp. (Branch)110$77,257,964$702,345
30Paul Eviston PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties47$76,472,756$1,627,080
31Mike Marfori - PRECSutton Premier Realty105$76,376,813$727,398
32Peter Saito PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty18$75,707,000$4,205,944
33Marty PospischilPospischil Realty Group41$73,716,500$1,797,963
34Benson Lee PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.67$72,215,864$1,077,849
35Clair Rockel PREC*Macdonald Realty35$70,969,868$2,027,711
36Morning Yu PREC*LeHomes Realty First66$70,084,593$1,061,888
37Lorne Goldman PREC*Macdonald Realty41$69,323,100$1,690,807
38Austin KayRE/MAX Austin Kay Realty69$68,441,788$991,910
39Haneef Virani PREC*Virani Real Estate Advisors26$67,594,000$2,599,769
40Patrick Weeks PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties37$67,588,800$1,826,724
41Stuart BonnerRE/MAX - Stuart Bonner23$67,205,800$2,921,991
42Alix BrownDexter Realty12$67,144,000$5,595,333
43Sydney Deng PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.14$65,276,000$4,662,571
44Danny Deng PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty14$65,095,000$4,649,643
45Matthew McGill - PRECHomelife Benchmark Realty (Langley) Corp.56$63,630,788$1,136,264
46Danny EvansRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft55$63,496,700$1,154,485
47Christina Watts PREC*RE/MAX Real Estate Services40$61,352,300$1,533,808
48Michelle Yu PREC*RE/MAX Real Estate Services28$59,093,800$2,110,493
49Louise McKnight - PRECBay Realty32$58,505,000$1,828,281
50Eric Latta PREC*Sotheby's Int'l Realty Canada15$57,181,000$3,812,067
51Patti Martin PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast48$54,839,100$1,142,481
52David RichardsonMacdonald Realty26$54,774,800$2,106,723
53Grant Zhang PREC*LeHomes Realty Premier27$54,531,099$2,019,670
54Derek GrechAngell Hasman & Assoc.Rlty.Ltd17$53,864,497$3,168,500
55Elaine Wu PREC*LeHomes Realty Premier38$53,505,000$1,408,026
56Juliette(YongHong) Zhang PREC*Macdonald Realty Westmar28$53,173,172$1,899,042
57Jila Rezai PREC*Royal LePage Sussex12$52,921,000$4,410,083
58Doris GeeRE/MAX Central49$52,818,282$1,077,924
59Glenn Dennis - PREC22$51,564,500$2,343,841
60Jason Jennings PREC*Sotheby's Int'l Realty Canada19$50,919,000$2,679,947
61Scott Moe - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty70$49,797,700$711,396
62Wendy Yang PREC*Metro Edge Realty35$49,016,500$1,400,471
63Dave Vallee PREC*RE/MAX All Points Realty57$48,593,210$852,512
64Niko Lambrinoudis PREC*TRG-The Residential Group Rlty18$48,422,000$2,690,111
65Carl Chu PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast30$47,719,000$1,590,633
66Rob MontgomerieStilhavn Real Estate Services28$46,954,000$1,676,929
67Danny Gerbrandt PREC*Royal LePage-Brookside Realty73$46,608,199$638,468
68Paul Quinn27$46,558,013$1,724,371
69Sam McCall PREC*RE/MAX Masters Realty12$46,433,000$3,869,417
70Wendy Tian PREC*Luxmore Realty10$46,323,000$4,632,300
71Shahin Behroyan PREC*Behroyan & Associates Real Estate Services14$45,045,047$3,217,503
72Terry Eng PREC*RE/MAX City Realty28$44,836,800$1,601,314
73Richard Lowe PREC*RE/MAX Progroup Realty44$44,434,448$1,009,874
74Matt Kerr PREC*Stilhavn Real Estate Services38$43,882,691$1,154,808
75Gary Hooge - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty48$43,586,500$908,052
76Winnie LamSutton Group - Vancouver First Realty37$43,343,300$1,171,441
77Lance Phillips PREC*Royal LePage Sussex28$43,213,000$1,543,321
78Tony RossettiRE/MAX Rossetti Realty34$42,991,636$1,264,460
79James Garbutt PREC*Keller Williams Elite Realty53$42,721,449$806,065
80Ritchie Zhao PREC*Royal First Realty45$42,198,813$937,751
81Kevin CarpenterOnni Realty Inc54$41,913,254$776,171
82Julie Wei PREC*Luxmore Realty12$41,894,800$3,491,233
83Rob Zwick PREC*Stilhavn Real Estate Services23$41,634,100$1,810,178
84Ralph Maglieri PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty22$41,140,800$1,870,036
85Janet Rathbun - PRECRE/MAX Performance Realty38$40,997,488$1,078,881
86Tom HassanRoyal LePage Sussex-Tom Hassan12$40,789,000$3,399,083
87Beebe Cline - PRECHugh & McKinnon Realty Ltd.22$39,933,500$1,815,159
88Hari SharmaMaple Leaf 1st Realty Ltd.107$39,366,778$367,914
89Bryan Velve PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty15$39,325,000$2,621,667
90Judy Dou PREC*Luxmore Realty19$39,083,800$2,057,042
91Ryan LalondeMLA Canada Realty32$39,026,900$1,219,591
92Lily Zhong PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast21$38,679,900$1,841,900
93Sean Lawson PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast55$38,593,800$701,705
94Krystal Ho PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties11$38,556,714$3,505,156
95Tony Zandbergen - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty59$38,403,888$650,913
96Angela HuoRE/MAX Westcoast19$38,335,500$2,017,658
97Amir Ghaffari PREC*Royal LePage Sussex7$38,260,000$5,465,714
98Mike Rampf PREC*Engel & Volkers Vancouver23$38,135,088$1,658,047
99Clive Benjafield PREC*Sotheby's Int'l Realty Canada14$37,487,888$2,677,706
100Jim Chen PREC*YVR International Realty17$37,358,800$2,197,576
101Sandy SoSandy So Realty (2004) Ltd.22$37,312,133$1,696,006
102Lionel LorenceRE/MAX Lionel Lorence16$37,298,000$2,331,125
103Rimpy Hothi PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty24$37,286,800$1,553,617
104Patricia Houlihan PREC*Coldwell Banker Prestige Realty23$37,092,250$1,612,707
105Stu Bell PREC*Royal LePage Sussex22$36,982,214$1,681,010
106Dave WalkerHomelife Benchmark Realty Corp. (White Rock)25$36,827,311$1,473,092
107Jatinder SandhuSutton Group Seafair Realty43$36,749,000$854,628
108Ivy WuMultiple Realty Ltd.60$36,603,100$610,052
109Brent RobertsRoyal LePage Brent Roberts Realty59$36,481,725$618,334
110Jean Fan PREC*Sunrich Realty9$36,471,214$4,052,357
111Sameer Kaushal - PRECCentury 21 Coastal Realty Ltd.43$36,291,648$843,992
112Danny Chow PREC*Rennie & Associates Realty Ltd.36$36,006,838$1,000,190
113Janet Lu PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.13$35,436,800$2,725,908
114Eddie Yan PREC*Sutton Centre Realty30$35,258,200$1,175,273
115Melissa Wu PREC*Maxcel Westcoast Realty Ltd.25$35,207,100$1,408,284
116Lee Bryant PREC*Oakwyn Realty Ltd.48$34,886,630$726,805
117Lynn NguyenTeam 3000 Realty Ltd.20$34,711,000$1,735,550
118Na An PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.16$34,349,000$2,146,813
119Andrew HasmanRE/MAX Andrew Hasman14$34,018,500$2,429,893
120Gary Geng PREC*LeHomes Realty16$33,762,000$2,110,125
121Steve Klassen - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty40$33,597,158$839,929
122David Matiru PREC*VPG Realty Inc.12$33,570,500$2,797,542
123Mike Grahame - PRECHomelife Benchmark Realty Corp. (White Rock)15$33,444,000$2,229,600
124Sophia GeeRE/MAX Central38$33,102,400$871,116
125Gina Lin PREC*Coldwell Banker Prestige Realty12$32,856,000$2,738,000
126Laura ClarkeStilhavn Real Estate Services17$32,852,000$1,932,471
127Patrick O'Donnell PREC*Royal LePage Sussex18$32,704,000$1,816,889
128Michael Uy PREC*Oakwyn Realty Ltd.40$32,418,000$810,450
129Karen Zhao PREC*Royal Pacific Riverside Realty Ltd.30$32,318,988$1,077,300
130Eric Vallee PREC*Oakwyn Realty Ltd.38$32,201,776$847,415
131Vivian Choi PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.15$32,133,500$2,142,233
132Joseph LeeRE/MAX Masters Realty10$31,689,500$3,168,950
133Gurdial S.(Dale) BadhRE/MAX Real Estate Services27$31,664,000$1,172,741
134Iris LingPolygon Realty Limited54$31,485,600$583,067
135Elizabeth AndersonMarcon Realty Corp.25$31,460,200$1,258,408
136Allan AngellAngell Hasman (The Angell Grp)9$31,370,500$3,485,611
137Jonathan Yu PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty10$31,359,810$3,135,981
138John JenningsRoyal LePageSuss-John Jennings14$31,349,000$2,239,214
139Robert SmithEngel & Volkers Vancouver7$31,266,000$4,466,571
140Eric Langhjelm PREC*VPG Realty Inc.8$30,645,000$3,830,625
141Brian Higgins PREC*Prompton Real Estate Serv.Inc.31$30,495,400$983,723
142Philip Zhang PREC*Unilife Realty Inc.26$30,191,500$1,161,212
143Shirley B Sun PREC*RE/MAX Masters Realty6$30,001,000$5,000,167
144May KamPolygon Realty Limited22$29,986,000$1,363,000
145Carole Lieberman PREC*Dexter Realty15$29,884,000$1,992,267
146Colin Switzer - PRECRE/MAX 2000 Realty36$29,672,613$824,239
147Patsy HuiRE/MAX Westcoast24$29,309,100$1,221,213
148Fred Zhang PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty18$29,188,680$1,621,593
149Geoff Jarman PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty25$29,081,800$1,163,272
150Scott Walker PREC*Sutton Group Seafair Realty26$29,063,638$1,117,832
151Chris Lee PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.11$28,783,000$2,616,636
152Grant Stuart Gardiner PREC*Royal LePage Sussex23$28,733,250$1,249,272
153Phil Haig PREC*RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group28$28,691,700$1,024,704
154Frederick MoySutton Centre Realty64$28,571,000$446,422
155Leslie Zhao - PRECBay Realty13$28,430,000$2,186,923
156Nick ParenteRoyal LePage Westside17$28,430,000$1,672,353
157Don ButtRE/MAX Sabre Realty Group16$28,422,500$1,776,406
158Pansy Chen PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty10$28,278,000$2,827,800
159John Tsai PREC*eXp Realty41$28,260,488$689,280
160Robin Fu PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty17$27,790,456$1,634,733
161Trevor Street PREC*Keller Williams Elite Realty83$27,373,250$329,798
162Allyson BrookeMacdonald Realty11$27,352,000$2,486,545
163Don EilersRE/MAX Masters Realty15$27,234,000$1,815,600
164Jag Sidhu - PRECRE/MAX Little Oak Realty (Surrey)30$27,116,100$903,870
165Richie Huang PREC*Macdonald Realty14$26,934,700$1,923,907
166Elaine Sun PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.6$26,520,000$4,420,000
167Vivien Ma PREC*Rennie & Associates Realty Ltd.13$26,492,900$2,037,915
168Waylin ChengPolygon Realty Limited43$26,326,700$612,249
169Gino Muoio PREC*Bel-Air Realty Group Ltd.17$26,257,238$1,544,543
170Mayur AroraOneflatfee.ca36$26,248,850$729,135
171Sarah PenikettEngel & Volkers Vancouver7$26,176,000$3,739,429
172Theodora Gannon PREC*RE/MAX Central22$26,155,700$1,188,895
173Dave Robles - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty44$26,046,414$591,964
174Blair MillerRE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty28$25,971,400$927,550
175Chris Whitehead - PRECMacdonald Realty (Delta)41$25,964,965$633,292
176Jeff BennaRE/MAX Real Estate Services8$25,930,000$3,241,250
177Tammy Jin PREC*Keller Williams Realty VanCentral15$25,902,000$1,726,800
178Joel Lycan PREC*Royal LePage-Brookside Realty35$25,803,700$737,249
179Al SuttonRoyal LePage Sussex -Al Sutton12$25,552,395$2,129,366
180Ty Corsie - PRECValley Pacific Realty Ltd.32$25,514,488$797,328
181Caroline Hong PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty3$25,357,000$8,452,333
182Keith Roy PREC*RE/MAX Select Realty24$25,343,000$1,055,958
183Mark Hammer PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty14$25,071,000$1,790,786
184Sukh Brar - PRECRoyal LePage Global Force Realty27$25,068,714$928,471
185Johnson Syyong PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast14$25,010,600$1,786,471
186Robbie Johal - PRECRE/MAX Lifestyles Realty (Langley)46$24,909,565$541,512
187Tracie McTavish PREC*Rennie Marketing Systems22$24,795,100$1,127,050
188Mark Ballard PREC*RE/MAX Masters Realty16$24,698,000$1,543,625
189Susan Clayton-Carroll PREC*RE/MAX Crest Realty11$24,647,000$2,240,636
190Wendy Mills PREC*Keller Williams Realty VanCentral9$24,459,798$2,717,755
191Teri SteeleSutton Group Seafair Realty25$24,400,250$976,010
192Jonathan Lu PREC*Keller Williams Realty VanCentral19$24,377,688$1,283,036
193Raymond T.Y. ChoyMacdonald Realty Westmar40$24,308,800$607,720
194Gregg Baker PREC*Engel & Volkers Vancouver13$24,204,300$1,861,869
195Bernie Scholz - PRECMacdonald Realty (Surrey/152)18$24,099,000$1,338,833
196Lana Wu - PREC13$24,038,300$1,849,100
197Dodi ThorhaugRE/MAX Dodi Thorhaug Realty19$23,989,000$1,262,579
198Farshad Zandi PREC*RE/MAX Masters Realty8$23,941,000$2,992,625
199Jade Shen PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.8$23,823,000$2,977,875
200Trevor BruckiRE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty25$23,613,100$944,524

All data in this article refers to reported sales for Metro Vancouver made by the realtors as the listing agent only, and does not cover private sales – including private presales, shadow flips and all other forms of real estate transactions that parties outside the transaction are not privy to.  There may be delays in sales being reported.

OpenHousing adheres to the official definition of Metro Vancouver. As such the data covers Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, West Vancouver, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Delta, Surrey, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Lions Bay, Bower Island, Anmore, and Belcarra, Langley and White Rock. Data for Vancouver also include University British Columbia and University Endowment Lands.


3 thoughts on “Realtor rankings: Foreign buyer exodus hits realtors hard

  1. Poor poor Winnie.( The market takes a pooh) Chung.
    “Only” selling $30,000,000 worth of real estate as opposed to $174 ,000,000 the previous year.

    The horror.
    How will poor Winnie( The market takes a pooh) Chung survive?
    Who will count all her money?
    I hope she paid all her taxes for last years earnings……cause the taxman never , ever forgets

    Happy Housing CRASH everyone!:)

    1. It was so obvious fraud going on with Chinese communist mafia gangs (hundreds if not a thousand party crook friends) reselling the same houses over and over …to each other …for huge price increases until some stupid local rushes in to buy it quick….. listing after listing with same furniture, same photos each and every time resisted for a few million more… Easy to manipulate the market this way the same way the Hunt brothers did to silver in the 70s……Add to that the local drug money needing washing and it was damn obvious, but with politicians needing more tax revenue for their rich travel all over the world….they did not care and closed their eyes and ears….and pocked the money paid to their consulting firms, their spouses, spots on boards of Chinese owned companies…or like the Clintons and Trudeau, millions into their foundations….for future use as salaries and lavish life styles….Trudeau got a million from a Chinese businessman whom for many many years couldn’t get a banking licence…. One million into Trudeau’s foundation….and approval almost over night…wow…

      Fraud, fraud fraud

  2. Single family housing should never be used as an investment vehicle ,
    Single family homes are for working families
    all this “speculation” is doing is creating resentment and there will be long term consequences …

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