Real Estate industry keeps the public in the dark by crafting the narrative instead of providing accurate and objective information.

Open Housing is a ThinkPol Media Inc project to cut through the well-crafted industry narratives with unbiased reporting.

Rohana Rezel – Chief Data Scientist

Rohana, a self-taught polyglot both with computers (C, Python, Java, Javascript, Go and a few others) and with humans (English, Sinhala, Spanish, and Thai), is the father of the Rix language. A prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholar with an MSc in Engineering from the University of Calgary and BSc degree in computer science from the University of Manchester, Rohana enjoys gathering, analyzing and presenting data to inform policy.

Rohana is an avid Salsa dancer who founded Ruede de la Vida, a Casin de Rueda (Cuban Salsa) performance group that helps raise funds for charity. This year alone, the group helped raise funds for homeless youth in Vancouver, Syrian refugee resettlement, earthquake victims in Japan, and evacuees of the Fort McMurray fire.