Realtors reeling as Vancouver real estate frenzy ends

A comparison between figures for first five months of 2016 and 2019 show sales volumes and numbers down by nearly three-quarters (75%) for the top 100 realtors of 2016.

For example, controversial realtor Sandra Li, initially with New Coast Realty and now with LeHomes Realty, sold 62 homes by end of May in 2016 fetching $94 million. This year, she has only had eight sales totalling $8.2 million. This reflects a 87% percent drop in sales numbers and 91% drop in sales volume.

Layla Yang, a household name in Vancouver, has seen her sales count drop from 38 to eight and sales volumes fall 85% from $111 million to just $16.2 million.

Ken Cui, who belongs to the controversial agency NuStream Realty, saw his sales number plummet 62% from 62 to 26, and sales volumes down 73% from $105 million to $28 million.

volume (
Up to
Number ChangeVolume Change
Ron Antalek PREC*RE/MAX LifeStyles Realty107$64,182,58025$18,852,76182-76.64%-70.63%
Mindy McPhersonTop Producers Realty Ltd.100$47,862,80931$20,452,14286-69.00%-57.27%
Fraser Elliott PREC*RE/MAX Progroup Realty99$91,996,48939$32,991,10066-60.61%-64.14%
Trevor Street PREC*Keller Williams Elite Realty91$26,314,2504$1,554,60023-95.60%-94.09%
Mike Marfori - PRECSutton Premier Realty86$62,080,48834$25,552,80038-60.47%-58.84%
Emily Oh - PRECSutton Premier Realty85$77,234,90030$23,528,54255-64.71%-69.54%
Edith KatronisHomelife Benchmark Realty Corp. (Branch)83$60,019,9648$7,210,6556-90.36%-87.99%
Shafik Ladha PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast72$73,287,05030$21,319,33738-58.33%-70.91%
Leo RonseRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft71$70,156,60721$29,844,40027-70.42%-57.46%
Sharlene Wark PREC*Oakwyn Realty Ltd.71$32,186,9852$2,688,0008-97.18%-91.65%
Patricia LokPolygon Realty Limited68$36,774,3002$1,887,8005-97.06%-94.87%
Frederick MoySutton Centre Realty64$28,571,0001$961,00013-98.44%-96.64%
Danny Gerbrandt PREC*Royal LePage-Brookside Realty63$39,552,00028$19,008,80027-55.56%-51.94%
Sandra Li PREC*LeHomes Realty62$94,180,9098$8,275,00015-87.10%-91.21%
Ken Cui PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.62$105,225,30026$28,092,30078-58.06%-73.30%
Hari SharmaMaple Leaf 1st Realty Ltd.61$22,415,3780$00-100.00%-100.00%
Tracey Bosch - PRECRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft60$61,152,18013$14,072,00031-78.33%-76.99%
Ryan MacDonaldMomentum Realty Inc.59$82,783,8543$1,324,0000-94.92%-98.40%
Martin EnghHomelife Glenayre Realty Company Ltd.55$30,166,71620$15,727,00018-63.64%-47.87%
Benson Lee PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.54$54,892,97619$12,353,68767-64.81%-77.49%
Tracy Niu PREC*Nu Stream Realty Inc.54$72,184,93823$27,481,90860-57.41%-61.93%
Sean Lawson PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast53$37,380,0008$11,511,60021-84.91%-69.20%
Scott Moe - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty53$37,398,60020$13,952,20011-62.26%-62.69%
Judy RohatynPolygon Realty Limited52$17,109,80029$13,947,10024-44.23%-18.48%
Kevin CarpenterOnni Realty Inc51$38,514,5545$2,660,54442-90.20%-93.09%
Brent RobertsRoyal LePage Brent Roberts Realty50$28,353,34514$7,705,76030-72.00%-72.82%
Ruth Chuang PREC*Stilhavn Real Estate Services49$70,748,53818$22,585,05013-63.27%-68.08%
Austin KayRE/MAX Austin Kay Realty48$45,674,48820$19,957,79916-58.33%-56.30%
Morning Yu PREC*LeHomes Realty First48$51,963,94311$8,147,99948-77.08%-84.32%
Matthew McGill - PRECHomelife Benchmark Realty (Langley) Corp.46$55,290,2883$3,045,0000-93.48%-94.49%
Tony Zandbergen - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty45$30,922,30015$10,853,10015-66.67%-64.90%
Faith WilsonFaith Wilson Group45$91,649,45915$25,994,00032-66.67%-71.64%
Dave Vallee PREC*RE/MAX Advantage Realty44$38,602,01026$20,128,89016-40.91%-47.86%
Sarah Toop - PREC*Century 21 Creekside Realty44$21,370,42157$32,303,8504529.55%51.16%
Iris LingPolygon Realty Limited44$25,323,60021$16,274,8007-52.27%-35.73%
James Garbutt PREC*Keller Williams Elite Realty43$35,352,4491$665,0000-97.67%-98.12%
Travis Bowman - PRECSutton Group-West Coast Realty (Abbotsford)43$23,734,75010$7,214,00015-76.74%-69.61%
Sandra BuaPolygon Realty Limited43$20,150,60021$21,080,7008-51.16%4.62%
Doris GeeRE/MAX Central42$49,122,80519$20,676,61933-54.76%-57.91%
Randy Dyck - PRECeXp Realty (Branch)42$23,977,00017$7,982,80022-59.52%-66.71%
Al HogarthColdwell Banker Tri-Tel Realty42$13,180,7101$1,240,0002-97.62%-90.59%
Waylin ChengPolygon Realty Limited42$25,936,80010$7,855,0007-76.19%-69.71%
Sabrina vandenBrinkHomelife Glenayre Realty Chwk Ltd (Vedder Rd)41$15,822,63829$16,159,75245-29.27%2.13%
Jatinder SandhuSutton Group Seafair Realty39$29,481,0002$3,350,8575-94.87%-88.63%
Danny EvansRoyal LePage - Wolstencroft39$45,828,80012$11,741,5008-69.23%-74.38%
Candice Dyer PREC*Sotheby's Int'l Realty Canada39$22,130,3005$3,764,00023-87.18%-82.99%
Ivy WuMultiple Realty Ltd.38$20,488,2000$00-100.00%-100.00%
Terry BrackettRE/MAX Oceanview Realty38$15,821,20014$7,541,80025-63.16%-52.33%
Patti Martin PREC*RE/MAX Westcoast38$42,031,20014$17,342,50015-63.16%-58.74%
Layla Yang PREC*Dracco Pacific Realty38$111,160,8008$16,263,00037-78.95%-85.37%
Ritchie Zhao PREC*Royal First Realty37$34,156,3139$10,993,80018-75.68%-67.81%
Edith Chan PREC*RE/MAX Masters Realty37$130,435,3477$25,944,33325-81.08%-80.11%
Lee Bryant PREC*Oakwyn Realty Ltd.37$27,227,13011$10,887,9008-70.27%-60.01%
John McKenzie PREC*Royal LePage Sussex37$18,406,5951$1,175,00020-97.30%-93.62%
Danny Chow PREC*Rennie & Associates Realty Ltd.36$32,959,33816$19,225,10016-55.56%-41.67%
Gary Hooge - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty36$32,907,90011$12,524,99911-69.44%-61.94%
Michele Cummins - PRECRE/MAX Little Oak Realty (Mission)36$20,153,02711$9,053,00015-69.44%-55.08%
Mayur AroraOneflatfee.ca35$24,022,00024$16,539,60028-31.43%-31.15%
Deborah ChristieRE/MAX All Points Realty35$19,263,9006$3,432,50011-82.86%-82.18%
Marty PospischilPospischil Realty Group35$63,566,50010$8,860,0002-71.43%-86.06%
Stella Price PREC*Sutton Group-West Coast Realty34$33,318,6503$1,836,00015-91.18%-94.49%
Robbie Johal - PRECRE/MAX Lifestyles Realty (Langley)34$17,516,4659$6,187,4004-73.53%-64.68%
Christina Watts PREC*RE/MAX Real Estate Services34$52,061,8000$00-100.00%-100.00%
Tim Neufeld - PRECRoyal LePage Preferred Realty34$14,359,2576$3,941,0005-82.35%-72.55%
Linda Sexsmith - PREC*HomeLife Glenayre Realty Chilliwack Ltd34$15,013,8346$5,097,5009-82.35%-66.05%
Rajinder Dhutti - PRECSutton Group-West Coast Realty (Abbotsford)33$18,373,4006$3,947,50010-81.82%-78.52%
Shantell OwensLimbo Individuals33$14,297,7140$00-100.00%-100.00%
John Tsai PREC*eXp Realty32$22,149,90011$7,802,10017-65.63%-64.78%
Lorne Goldman PREC*Macdonald Realty32$52,670,10014$18,549,35016-56.25%-64.78%
Beebe Cline - PRECHugh & McKinnon Realty Ltd.32$59,842,0006$14,920,00019-81.25%-75.07%
Bob McLean - PRECRoyal LePage Preferred Realty32$16,731,60018$12,087,00024-43.75%-27.76%
Michael SikichTRG Residential Downtown Rlty32$12,031,1477$2,600,00018-78.13%-78.39%
Arthur SimonRoyal LePage West Real Estate Services32$17,179,9913$1,578,8903-90.63%-90.81%
Michael Uy PREC*Oakwyn Realty Ltd.32$25,819,30019$13,134,00015-40.63%-49.13%
Eric ChristiansenAngell Hasman (E.Christiansen)32$122,408,68811$27,132,00028-65.63%-77.83%
Jeff Golding PREC*Royal LePage West R.E.S.31$22,734,4716$5,591,00010-80.65%-75.41%
Sophia GeeRE/MAX Central31$29,759,50015$10,520,90021-51.61%-64.65%
Joel Lycan PREC*Royal LePage-Brookside Realty31$23,121,8000$01-100.00%-100.00%
Richard Lowe PREC*RE/MAX Progroup Realty31$31,163,1487$5,848,00016-77.42%-81.23%
Paul Eviston PREC*RE/MAX Select Properties30$48,078,75619$37,115,4005-36.67%-22.80%
Clair Rockel PREC*Macdonald Realty30$60,025,36810$14,370,5008-66.67%-76.06%
Eric Vallee PREC*Oakwyn Realty Ltd.30$22,734,0767$5,848,5006-76.67%-74.27%
John Carlson PREC*One Percent Realty Ltd.30$15,857,5009$5,777,00010-70.00%-63.57%
Raymond T.Y. ChoyMacdonald Realty Westmar30$17,787,3005$4,168,00016-83.33%-76.57%
Janet Rathbun - PRECRE/MAX Performance Realty30$34,359,68811$8,932,00017-63.33%-74.00%
Cindy Gering PREC*RE/MAX Advantage Realty30$14,754,80018$10,046,2009-40.00%-31.91%
Karen RalphOne Percent Realty Ltd.30$17,680,4514$3,695,50015-86.67%-79.10%
Winnie Chung PREC*Royal Pacific Realty Corp.30$127,190,6006$17,137,78635-80.00%-86.53%
John Ryan PREC*Whistler Real Estate Co. Ltd.29$37,554,00011$25,245,75015-62.07%-32.77%
Maggi Thornhill PREC*Engel & Volkers Whistler29$56,522,50014$40,390,00034-51.72%-28.54%
Michelle Boshard - PRECRE/MAX Treeland Realty29$16,952,1006$5,433,8002-79.31%-67.95%
Tracey Klaver - PREC*Pathway Executives Realty Inc.29$9,504,3007$4,382,8008-75.86%-53.89%
Chris Whitehead - PRECMacdonald Realty (Delta)29$19,394,07711$6,369,2858-62.07%-67.16%
Paul Zhang PREC*RA Realty Alliance Inc.29$92,361,6471$1,300,0009-96.55%-98.59%
Goldy Kang - PRECSutton Group-West Coast Realty (Surrey/120)29$23,011,58818$14,428,30026-37.93%-37.30%
Ryan LalondeMLA Canada Realty28$33,497,30016$10,858,50030-42.86%-67.58%
Matt Kerr PREC*Stilhavn Real Estate Services28$33,283,69114$14,426,5009-50.00%-56.66%
Sameer Kaushal - PRECCentury 21 Coastal Realty Ltd.28$22,536,8479$8,378,61829-67.86%-62.82%
Jeremy McCarthy PREC*Royal LePage-Brookside Realty28$11,390,50013$10,364,36510-53.57%-9.01%
Sarah ToigoRoyal LePage Regency Realty28$22,565,7381$990,3813-96.43%-95.61%

All data in this article refers to reported sales made as the listing agent only, and does not cover private sales – including private presales, shadow flips and all other forms of real estate transactions that parties outside the transaction are not privy to.  There may be a delays in sales being reported.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Trevor Street of Keller Williams Elite Realty in Coquitlam had made no sales so far this year. We were wrong. The number of reported sales for Mr. Street so far this year is four.

We apologize to Mr. Street for this error.

As well, we did not make it clear that all data in this article refers to reported sales made as the listing agent only, and does not cover private sales – including private presales, shadow flips and all other forms of real estate transactions that parties outside the transaction are not privy to. We also did not make it clear that there may be a delays in sales being reported. 

Mr. Street also asserts that he has sold over 80 homes. While we have asked Mr. Street for evidence, Mr. Street has provided none and we have no means of independently verifying this claim.

11 thoughts on “Realtors reeling as Vancouver real estate frenzy ends

  1. Hi I’m Trevor Street and what you’re posting is a lie. I’m not sure where you get your data from, but we’re up to around 80 sales for the year thus far.

    What your posting is libel and I’ll politely ask you remove it forthwith.

    Thank you

    1. Here’s your disclaimer you stick at the end of every listing: “The data relating to real estate on this website comes in part from the MLS® Reciprocity program of either the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV), the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FVREB) or the Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board (CADREB). Real estate listings held by participating real estate firms are marked with the MLS® logo and detailed information about the listing includes the name of the listing agent. This representation is based in whole or part on data generated by either the REBGV, the FVREB or the CADREB which assumes no responsibility for its accuracy. The materials contained on this page may not be reproduced without the express written consent of either the REBGV, the FVREB or the CADREB.”

      Even the real estate boards don’t assume any responsibility for the accuracy of their data, yet, you want to sue for libel over a data discrepancy?

      And if you sue these guys, you will have to reveal all your sales contracts under disclosure, and will eventually become publicly available as part of the court record.

      How would your clients feel about their names becoming public?

  2. This data is absolutely not accurate! Doesn’t account for teams and realtors with 10 people working for them! Their sales are not included in these numbers with the data collection! Absolutely inaccurate article!

  3. Your data is absolutely incorrect! What bullshit recording. My team has done more than double what you are claiming. What a ridiculous excuse for an article. You should be ashamed.

  4. Hi there,

    Your statistics attributed to the listed agents are incorrect and I would encourage you to verify with a different source in order to save you further revisions to your writing.

    In addition, “Shadow Flipping” is a practice that the vast majority of agents do not take part in nor do they endorse and should not referred to in any sort of tabulation of legitimate and actual statistic. It is a disgusting practice undertaken by a few select agents that the rest of the real estate community would hope leave the industry expediently.

    With respect, irresponsible reporting without true fact or including half truths for sensationalism only work to deface an industry that is, with the exception of a very small number of “bad apples”, comprised of hard working individuals who give back to their communities and truly work in the best interests of their clients.

    As in every profession there are members who do not respect their chosen trade as they should, yet I implore you to not paint us all with the same brush.

  5. “an industry that is, with the exception of a very small number of “bad apples”, comprised of hard working individuals who give back to their communities and truly work in the best interests of their clients.”

    Thanks for the morning laugh.

  6. I don’t know if the information in this article is correct or not . However, I cannot find the name of the author of this article. I find that omission interesting since the realtors involved clearly identify themselves, but the author doesn’t even though he or she makes some claims about property sales that are to say the least , disputed . Good journalists stand behind their work . How about a little transparency here.

    One more thing about the issue of “shadow flipping ” a practice which seems to get everyone’s shorts in a bunch. Couldn’t this practice be either reduced or eliminated by including a clause in the sales contract explicitly prohibiting assignment of the contract to anyone else? Such a clause could be part of the standard sales contract or could be added by individual sellers or their lawyers. Why can’t something like this be done quickly by the real estate industry ?

    1. Good suggestion, there is now a prohibition against the buyer profiting from assignment in the standard BCREA contract, without the sellers written consent. The most egregious examples of underselling occurred when a homeowner was approached directly (investors hired unlicensed solicitors) and sold privately enticed in part by the idea of bypassing the agent and saving the commission. Agents are liable for not getting market value for a property and carry mandatory insurance which protects the consumer. There is no law against someone approaching a homeowner directly and swindling them out of their most valuable asset.

  7. My my my.
    The Realtors doth protest too loudly.

    Ya cant polish a turd realtors.
    The party is OH – Vah.

    You spin spin spin the sales numbers for decades via CREA and VREA to your advantage and when someone suggests that all is not well in Real Estate sales…..

    You threaten sue for libel ?

    Hope you paid your taxes for 2018……..

    Happy housing CRASH!


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